Cutting-edge solutions that solve traditional healthcare challenges

What does innovation mean in your benefits package?

Healthcare is complex and often slow to change. But Premera is bringing healthcare into the future with integrated, seamless advancements that are more than just single-point solutions.

Our solutions

Forward-looking solutions from Premera can enhance employee experiences and help your business better manage healthcare spend.

Increase savings

Premera Predictor

A modeling tool that identifies your future high-cost claimants.

  • Support your business with yearly budgeting and planning
  • Leverage data to optimize your clinical engagement strategies
  • Use insights to help decide which programs are best for your employees


accuracy in forecasting high-cost claimants 1

Increase access

Virtual care bundles

Digital options that increase access to primary and specialized care.

  • Virtual primary and urgent care
  • Virtual rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Virtual mental health and substance use disorder support


of consumers are now interested in using telehealth going forward 2

Increase convenience

Premera NOW

A digital-first health plan designed to save costs and increase convenience.

  • Reduce your business’s overall healthcare spend
  • Direct members to high-quality providers virtually
  • Save time and boost productivity with quick 24/7 access to care


of consumers are now using telehealth to replace cancelled healthcare visits 3

“As a leader in innovative healthcare, Premera is a key partner in helping bring new technology to health plans.”

CEO, Prealize Health (formerly Cardinal Analytx)

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Premera Predictor


Premera Virtual Care


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