Association Health Plans at Premera

If you’re looking for richer benefits and more flexibility with your small business health plan, joining an association might be the answer.

What is an association health plan?

Many associations offer group health plans to their members. These are designed for multiple employers to come together and offer health benefits for their businesses under one plan. This increases the number of participants under the plan, which qualifies the association as a large group. With the power of a large group comes large group benefits.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest benefits of joining an association is the cost savings. Associations can design their plan benefits to meet specific group needs and they have access to less expensive health plans that have a lower percentage of premiums spent on insurer profit and administrative costs. Additionally, associations can work with healthcare providers and insurance companies to negotiate costs to bring rates down.


Advantages for your business

Through our partnerships with local associations, Washington business owners have access to accessible and affordable health plans. Premera works with associations that represent a wide range of industries including finance, automotive, farming, manufacturing, technology and more.

Many associations handle plan administration tasks including billing and online payments. Some also provide additional discounts and services to both your business and your employees. Selecting an association that partners with Premera for their benefits means access to a 24-Hour Nurseline and virtual care, and access to the nation’s largest provider network.


Is an Association Right for your business?

If you’re looking for more flexibility with your health plan, joining an association might be the answer. Use our checklist for a quick guide:

  • Do you own a small business?
  • Are you a Washington-based company with two or more enrolled employees?
  • Are you looking for cost savings within your health plan?
  • Are you looking for health coverage similar to large employers?

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Looking to learn more? Fill out our form below and we will have an association representative contact you to discuss the benefits of signing up. Then, you’ll enter a business trust in your company’s industry in order to have access to an online tool to pick your health plan.