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How can you offer quality health care at a fair price?

Sometimes, employees pay too much for healthcare services that don’t deliver the care they need. That’s why Premera partners directly with providers to create payment models built on trust, shared data, and the goal of slowing cost-of-care increases.

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Premera continuously explores new ways to partner with providers and deliver value-based care that positively impacts members’ lives.

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Premera-Designated Centers of Excellence (PDCOE)

Improve access to specialty medical services through selected providers who deliver better patient outcomes at an affordable price.

  • Increase the quality of patient outcomes
  • Receive valuable, coordinated member experiences
  • Take the guesswork out of finding high-quality providers


patient discharges and $348B in in-hospital charges annually through the types of specialty care procedures offered in PDCOE 1

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Diabetes and Chronic Condition Management

Help your workforce and your bottom line by empowering employees to live better and do more.

  • Effect positive health outcomes by with personal health support from expert coaches
  • Improve care experiences through technology that delivers real-time health insights
  • Access to information and support that helps members make important health changes


estimated annual costs attributed to diagnosed diabetes in the U.S. 2

More transparency

Peak Care

A modern, streamlined experience that reduces costs and increases transparency into healthcare choices.

  • Meet the needs of a diverse workforce while helping to hit hiring and retention goals
  • Eliminate renewal surprise and support your bottom line with predictable yearly costs
  • Get holistic care experiences and data-driven recommendations through integrated provider and carrier data

Up to 15%

savings over a traditional Premera PPO plan 3

“Peak Care is critical to your bottom line, and your employees are well taken care of. It’s affordable, yet rich in benefits.”

Benefits Administrator, Puyallup Dermatology

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Premera-Designated Centers of Excellence resource


Diabetes management


Peak Care

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